About Us

eSafetyProducts.com is PROUDLY CANADIAN and is the culmination of more than 30 years of sustained growth in the distribution of quality safety (PPE) and first-aid products to sectors such as government, manufacturing, construction and private individuals.

Today, as a result of stringent government laws, education and training. The use of safety products or personal protective equipment (PPE) has become more widely accepted in the workplace and is now part of our everyday life. Recognizing that the potential for the use of PPE has far reaching applications not only in the workplace but at home, in sports etc..and as a result of the positive feedback from our loyal customers, we have created esafetyproducts.com.

Our mission statement is:
“Provide quality safety products and excellent customer service in a timely manner.”

eSafetyProducts.com is a family run business. Our head office is based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. With access to more than 50,000 square feet of warehouse space and a large network of suppliers, the ability to act quickly and deliver product when you need it is our key to success.

We are extremely proud of our vast product offering and where applicable our products meet the requirements for regulatory compliance by NIOSH, OSHA, ANSI, CSA etc..

Therefore if you are an individual looking for safety products for use at home or the corporate buyer or safety professional involved in Construction, Manufacturing or Government. We have the products to “Protect you from head to toe”


Dear Valued Customers,

On behalf of myself and our team here at esafetyproducts.com we would like to extend our best wishes to you and your families during this unprecedented time in our lives in Canada.

For over 30 years our company has been committed to the supply of quality health and safety products to you our valued customers in government, industry and construction.

Due to high demand all COVID-19 protection related products such as masks, gowns, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, gloves etc...are being depleted rapidly. Most of these products are on an allocation basis as hospitals etc...take precedent. We are working hard to do our best to keep up with the large volume of requests. In many cases we have found that substitutes for products of equal quality is the best approach as we no longer have the luxury of choice. Through our vast source of suppliers and partners in the supply chain we are continuing our day to day activity of sourcing and supplying products to the best of our ability.

When deciding on purchasing PPE products that we make available, we need to act quickly...time is of the essence as supply changes hourly.

Please note that although we show no stock on some items, we encourage you to email us with your requests and we will be quick to respond to your needs.

Our product offering far exceeds what we show online.

A prime example of this: we had a customer today that was looking for N95 masks. When we responded, we let them know we didn’t have any N95 masks currently in stock, however we mentioned that we did have nitrile gloves available and they were grateful for the suggestion and the extra value added service we provided. They subsequently placed an order that filled their needs.

In closing we promise we will continue to work hard to provide service and supply of PPE to our customers and to operate with integrity, honesty and efficiency during this tough time.

We all hope this situation in our country and abroad passes soon and that we are able to return to our normal way of life.

We urge you to follow all applicable health practices mandated by our Heath Services Agencies...

Be Well & Stay Safe!

Robert Bortoluzzi